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We use complementary research and consulting strategies to drive action through collaboration

Thought Marketing

Earn the right to be heard with relevance and authority and start valuable, evidence-based conversations with your target markets that go beyond the transactional.

With MYMAVINS by your side to guide you, plan and deliver customised content campaigns that not only inspire your market but cut through with authenticity.

We apply high-quality research and creative storytelling to spawn compelling narratives so you can effectively message what you stand for and why you exist. 

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Insight Broking

Our role at MYMAVINS is to provide you with timely and relevant knowledge so you can discover the new, reduce uncertainty and make better business decisions. Perpetually curious, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the market.

Whether you're looking to build evidence-based strategic planning, launch a product, review your service offerings or simply run a business-planning workshop, we can help pull together the different disciplines, knowledge and skills needed to solve the puzzle.

Our strong heritage in both behavioural science and organisational psychology helps us unlock the underlying processes in decision making and hidden drivers of implementation success.

Our team has particular expertise in the finance sector, where we have a unique contemporary grasp of consumer finances, superannuation, financial advice, investment management, banking and insurance. ​​

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Action Research

When it comes to our research, how we work is as important as what we deliver. We approach research problems as a collaborative investigation - with experts working closely with stakeholders in an agile, iterative manner. 
We see our clients and their stakeholders as co-learners and co-researchers who are actively involved throughout the process. It is this outcome-focused collaboration that builds the foundations for successful continuous improvement and innovation.

​It works because people who are active in decision-making are more motivated to change and likely to adopt new ways. And that's the key to lasting, transformational business change.

Anchor 3 Action Research

Analytics Architecture

Analytics drives the ability to know and service customers more intimately. But it's about more than simply algorithms. We help you embed a focus on customers across people, platforms and processes, applying intuitive frameworks that the whole organisation can get behind to provide real-time actionable insights, personalisation and operational efficiencies.​

We can help with -

  • CX data strategy road mapping

  • CX/analytics program implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement

  • Behavioural and psychographic segmentation attribution modelling

  • Predictive and prescriptive modelling

  • Social sentiment and emerging conversation listening

  • Automated workflows and analytic engines

Anchor 4 Analytics Architecture

Solving complex business problems takes a multidisciplinary approach

Strategic Consulting - From start to finish we are focused on  learning ‘with’ not ‘on’ you and your stakeholders - creating a collaborative journey and mutual buy in. This requires mindfulness of organisational dynamics and how meaningful positive change is effected. It takes experience with how things ‘really’ work.  

Qualitative Discovery - When exploring novel problems, we typically undertake qualitative research with a behavioural science lens.  Whether it’s ethnographic observation, social listening, online communities, focus groups or in-depth interviews we are always seeking to understand the impact of biases, heuristics, emotions and social context on decision-making. 

Quantitative Validation - When testing hypotheses, building business cases or productionising analytics models, we undertake quantitative primary research. We apply advanced statistical techniques to dig beyond the obvious and uncover the real drivers of choice and value assessments. 

Big Data Analytics - When accessing big data sources, building analytic engines, seeking predictive accuracy and workflow automation, we often turn to the latest techniques in machine learning.  But there are no black boxes.  We create transparency with a deft overlay of sensible business rules, explainability and risk mitigation precautions. 


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