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Information is everywhere, and yet it's increasingly hard to tell the difference between insight and noise.
That's where MYMAVINS comes in.


A collaboration of insights professionals and technical experts, we actively share our timely, curated knowledge and experience so you can make better decisions, solve problems and achieve strategic goals.

We help you find the signal in the noise.

Our Philosophy

  • We are dedicated to long term partnerships and making a real difference to our clients and their customers lives

Our Expertise

  • Multi-disciplinary team to pull it together - sitting at the crossroads of experience, knowledge and technical skills

Our Experience

  • 50 years+ cross industry experience

  • Award winning track record of success

  • You always work with the A team

Our Commitment to Results

  • We provide agile collaborative delivery 

  • We customise explainable solutions

  • We deliver generous capability transfer



Tai Rotem

Consulting Partner

Tai is a Consulting Partner and award-winning research mavin. He has been developing and implementing research for more than 25 years with particular expertise in social trends, consumer behaviour, financial decision making, public health and analytics implementation. He has broad experience working across the corporate, public, NFP and academic sectors. His focus is on facilitating evidence based change where everybody wins and helping clients develop an authentic voice in the market. Consulting along the journey from needs analysis, strategy road mapping to solution development and evaluation.

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Jason Andriessen

Consulting Partner

Jason is a Consulting Partner and financial services market mavin. He has more than 25 years’ experience in financial services with various roles across research, data science, financial advice, marketing and product management. He spent more than ten years in executive leadership accumulating unique knowledge about the financial services marketplace and is passionate about sharing it so businesses can serve their clients in new and better ways. 

Dr Fei Wang

Senior Data Science Lead

Dr Wang is a Senior Data Scientist and end-to-end data product mavin.  He is an experienced specialist in data model prototyping, development and productisation.


His unique skills enable businesses to operationalise their data, so they can make better client-centric decisions - imbedding data into their business decision-making for transformational and lasting change. 


Fei has a PhD in Data Mining from the University of Sydney, as well as a master’s degree in Database Managements Systems and a degree in Computer Science. He has a well established track record delivering successful analytic solutions for major health and financial organisations.

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Anthony Zhang

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Anthony is a data analytics and research mavin.  An experienced financial services researcher, Anthony's unique expertise sits at the crossroads where qualitative research techniques meet advanced quantitative analysis.

Anthony is passionate about understanding why consumers make the decisions they do.  He applies advanced statistical techniques to dig beyond the obvious and uncover the real drivers of choice and value assessments. 

Anthony holds a Bachelor of Mathematics & Finance, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Masters in Data Science.


MYMAVINS is building a network of collaborating MAVINS who each bring their own unique experience to the table. Our growing community provides a multidisciplinary / cross industry advisory and skills pool. These synergies allow us to nimbly bring together the right people for each projects needs.


You always get best practice senior experts steering and working hands on.

It's our MAVINS that make the difference.

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Dr Linda Kurti

Research and Policy Expert

Linda is an experienced research and policy MAVIN who is passionate about ensuring systems and services work for people. She uses her critical analytical skills to deliver pragmatic advice that makes a difference.


Linda’s expertise lies in applying evidence to address complex challenges within the health and social service sectors.  Her deep knowledge has been honed over more than 25 years of working with governments, service providers and communities in England, Australia and the Asia-Pacific.


Linda is the managing director of Stillpoint Strategy, and a collaborating partner with MYMAVINS.  

Humphrey Armstrong

Organisational Psychologist and Change Expert

Humphrey is an Organisational Psychologist and Coach with extensive international experience gained over more than 40 years.  


Among other interests, he is a specialist in managing personal change for people considering mid and later life career changes including transitioning into retirement.

Humphrey is an Adjunct Faculty Member of the AGSM at the University of NSW, where he helps design and facilitate a range of executive education programs.

Humphrey is a Registered Psychologist, the principal of Lifelong Learning Systems and a collaborating partner with MYMAVINS.

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